International colloquia on the Uniform interpretation of the CMR

14:08 24/04/2024

Organized by Advisory Board of the CMR Convention, the annual scientific conference (INTERNATIONAL CMR COLLOQUIUM 2024 – UNIFORM INTERPRETATION OF THE CMR) will be held on September 19th and 20th 2024 in Stockholm. The conference is dedicated exclusively to current issues related to the CMR Convention and the challenges faced in the process of its implementation. This is the first in a series of conferences on the CMR Convention that will become regular annual gatherings of interested professional public, mainly scientists and practitioners dealing with this topic. This year’s conference program includes presentations by top lecturers and leading experts in road traffic law and the CMR Convention.

On the sidelines of the conference, the annual meeting of the members of the Advisory Board of the CMR Convention will be held, during which reasoned interpretations of certain articles of the Convention are to be adopted at the plenary session. Members of the Advisory Board have been working on these interpretations over the past year. These reasoned adopted positions will be published and offered to the public (judiciary) for application as non-binding opinions aimed at harmonizing the application of the provisions of the CMR Convention throughout its area of validity (56 states).

Since the very establishment of the AC CMR and from the very beginning of its work, the Croatian Transport Law Association provided active support and has been involved in the work of the Committee. Professor Nikoleta Radionov Karlović, former president of the CTLA, is active member of the CMR Advisory Board along with ten other scientists, all distinguished international experts on the CMR Convention.

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