Dr. Iva Savić presents her new book: “Spreading the Wings of EU Aviation Acquis”

13:50 04/11/2019

The book “Spreading the Wings of the EU Aviation Acquis – Comprehensive Air Transport Agreements”, authored by Dr. Iva Savić was presented to Croatian public at the Zagreb “Franjo Tuđman” airport on October 30th 2019.

The monograph published by the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb, deals with the issues of concluding, implementation and the effects of comprehensive air services agreements between the European Union and third countries.

The presentation of the Iva Savić’s book gathered members of the Croatian aviation industry – representatives of airports, government bodies, the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency, as well as private sector and academia. On behalf of the Zagreb airport the audience was welcomed by Ms. Helena Kokot, Director of Legal Affairs at Zagreb International Airport, while the book was presented by Dr. Steven Truxal of London City University, and Prof. dr. sc. Nikoleta Radionov of the Faculty of Law in Zagreb.

Author of the book, Dr. Iva Savić, is Assistant Professor at the Chair of Maritime and General Transport Law at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb. She has devoted her scientific career to aviation law and European transport law, and is a representative of Croatia in the European Air Law Association (EALA). Also, she is the Secretary General of the Croatian Transport Law Association (CTLA).

In a 300 page book, the author provided a detailed analysis of comprehensive air transport agreements concluded so far, pointing out their impact on international air law and national rights of signatory states, and critically reviewing their application and relevance to third countries.

This book authored by dr. Savić is the first publication in the world to fully address the issues of air transport agreements and in particular the issue of the Europeanization of air law through comprehensive agreements between the European Union and third countries.

Publisher: Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb (2019) ISBN 978-953-270-126-5 Price: 250 kn (35 EUR) To order a book, send us an email at iva.savic@pravo.hr

Photos: ©Lili Bašić, 2019