CTLA Workshop: “Opening of Groundhandling Market in the European Union and Republic of Croatia: Challenges and Questions”

11:54 10/07/2019

3,700.00 kn

  • 06/09/2019 09:00 - 06/09/2019 17:00
  • Croatian Employers' Association, Radnička cesta 52/I, Zagreb


Do you want to know more about the opening of the groundhandling market in the EU and Croatia? What are the requirements for airports imposed by the EU lawmakers and which are the most common challenges for the new entrants to the groundhandling market? How is groundhandling regulated in Croatia and what are the next steps for Croatian airports? Find out more and join us for our workshop on “Opening Of Groundhandling Market in the European Union and Republic of Croatia: Challenges and Questions” organised by Croatian Transport Law Association (CTLA) in cooperation with Croatian Employers’ Association which will take place on Friday, September 6th 2019, in the premises of Croatian Employers’ Association, Radnička cesta 52/I, Zagreb.

Covered topics include:

  • Prof. dr. sc. Steven TRUXAL: “Croatia in the EU Single Aviation Market: Liberalisation, Common Rules and Workable Competition”
    Why: Market liberalisation and creation of a single European aviation market
    What: The concept of ‘workable competition’ guiding the work of European Commission / National Competition Authorities, economic efficiency, consumer welfare and fair competition
    How: Overview of regulatory law and competition rules as applied to the sector (with examples)


  • Izv. prof. dr. sc. Jasminka PECOTIĆ KAUFMAN: “Applying Competition Rules in the Liberalized Aviation Market: What Constitutes an Abuse of a Dominant Position by an Infrastructure Operator and How to Avoid It”
    Competition rules are applicable horizontally to all sectors, including the aviation industry. The awareness of the analytical framework for assessing any potential infringements of competition law is particularly important in the context of infrastructure on a liberalized market. The concepts of defining relevant markets and establishing dominance, as well as access to market, market foreclosure, and the essential facility doctrine need to be taken into account in order to avoid high fines.


    Directive 96/67/EC on access to the groundhandling market at Community airports has raised many questions in practice and resulted in different ways of transposition in each EU member state. Significant rise in air passenger traffic in Croatia has led to application of the Directive to three Croatian airports, thus bringing new challenges with regards to the interpretation of applicable EU nad national law. For example, certain requirements for airport operator arising from the national legal framework could be more difficult once the new entrant to the groundhandling market is approved, while certain provisions of Directive 96/67/EC can be challenging for airports with extremely seasonal business activities.

The workshop is intended for airport employees, civil aviation authorities, other stakeholders in aviation sector, insurers, lawyers, judges and any other interested parties.

Applications and info are available at info@hdtp.eu.

Application deadline: September 3rd 2019

Price: 3700 HRK (500,00 EUR)*

Included in the price: lectures, materials, lunch and refreshments during breaks.

*CTLA members enjoy certain benefits when applying for the workshop. For more info read here or contact us at info@hdtp.eu.